Common dependencies

If a .dll isn’t being injected or you have trouble starting an .exe, you might be missing an installation the tools need in order to run.
Try installing

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (Install both x64 and x86)
.NET Framework 4.5.2


How to use

1. Unpack the archive anywhere you want

2. Depending on the game you will either have just a .dll and a injector, or a .dll + a GUI executable.
If the archive only has a .dll file, you will need to download an injector. (For example Extreme Injector)

3. Inject the .dll file into the game by starting the injector. If the archive included an injector,
it should be configured ready and all you need to do is press inject. If you have a GUI, start it and it should auto-inject.

4. Once you see a console window pop-up, the tool is ready to use.
Read the readme for controls. If the archive didn’t include a readme, check the console.
Usually INSERT will enable the camera and you can move around with numpad + rotate with arrow keys.


Common problems

GUI doesn’t open up/DLL Doesn’t inject/Console doesn’t appear

You’re most likely missing dependencies, download and install the ones mentioned above.
Be sure to start everything with administrator rights; locate the game executable, go to the compatibility tab in Properties and check “Run this program ad an administrator”
Your anti-virus might also be blocking the tools, try turning them off and try again.

Windows/Explorer/Everything freezes after starting the GUI

Anti-virus problem, especially with Avast. Turn them off and try again.

My anti-virus software tells me there’s a virus in the tools/The files are automatically deleted

It’s a false positive. Since the GUI auto-injects a dll, it will be detected by most AV software as harmful.
Extreme Injector will also most likely trigger a warning, but it is safe to use.

Game crashes after injection

Make sure you are using the latest version of the tools or wait for an update.