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0000385Cinematic ToolsStar Wars: Battlefrontpublic2018-08-30 12:20
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PlatformPCOSWindows 10OS VersionHome
Summary0000385: CT_SWB2.dll could not be injected! error even with anti-virus disabled
DescriptionConstantly get this error:
"CT_SWB2.dll could not be injected!
Make sure your anti-virus software isn't blocking the tools and make an exception if necessary.
You can also try running the program with administrator privileges."

I use Bitdefender, I've added exceptions, tried totally disabling it and fully uninstalling it and I'm still just getting this same error message even with no anti-virus software running at all.
Steps To ReproduceJust trying to run SWBF II Cinematic Tools.exe when I have the game launched, it says it's found the EXE then brings up the error message.
Additional InformationMy other PC is producing the exact same error and has never had bitdefender installed on it. I've attached the CT.log file.
TagsStar Wars Battlefront II
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2018-08-30 12:20


CT.log (271 bytes)

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2018-08-30 12:20 anonymous New Issue
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