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0000378Cinematic ToolsNeed for Speed 2016public2018-08-30 14:17
ReporterLyffeAssigned ToHattiwatti 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Summary0000378: Cinematic tools wont update
DescriptionMy cinematic tools says it need to update when I open it, even if I tell it to not update it just disables cinematic tools completely. When I try to update it says all files up to date, I deleted cinematic tools and reinstalled it and i'm still having the same problem, what can I do to get it working again?
Steps To ReproduceOpening cinematic tools
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2018-08-14 23:34 Lyffe New Issue
2018-08-30 14:17 Hattiwatti Assigned To => Hattiwatti
2018-08-30 14:17 Hattiwatti Status new => acknowledged