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0000365Cinematic ToolsStar Wars: Battlefrontpublic2018-09-08 07:02
ReporterneeronbAssigned ToHattiwatti 
Status assignedResolutionreopened 
Summary0000365: Battlefront II crashes after DLL Injection (running latest version)
DescriptionJust updated SWBF2 and Cinematic Tools (older and latest versions) won't open. As soon as it opens, it says there is a mismatch with Game Versions then the whole game just crashes.
Steps To ReproduceUpdate to latest version of SWBF2 and then try
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2018-09-08 06:42

reporter   ~0000354

Still not working.


2018-09-08 07:02

reporter   ~0000355

Never mind about this, it works with the new update.

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